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DRAPTOMANIAC (Embroidered)

DRAPTOMANIAC (Embroidered)

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Original Lagata Scratch embroidered design featuring the word "drapetomaniac"

In 1851 an American physician hypothesized that enslaved people who wanted to escape were suffering from a mental illness called "drapetomania." 

In current day, with the word "woke" having been hijacked by some of today's worst, it's only fair to use one of their words to acknowledge that Black folks are still seeking full liberation and that the worst people still consider that a sickness.

Black lettering on black sweatshirt/hoodie
White lettering on white sweatshirt/hoodie

** IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Since this was a condition/word made up specifically to refer to Black people, I'm asking that non-Black people leave it to us, you can't be a drapetomaniac, but you can be an ally and love us and wear that out by being a "drapetomaniac lover"

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